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Allergies, ticks, and fleas, Oh My!

As the weather gets warmer so does the activity of our least favorite nuisances. The flowers, grasses, and trees bloom to get the seasonal allergies started.  The scratching, chewing, and ear infections.



The tick season generally occurs during the summer months, but a warm spring can activate ticks as early as April. The deer tick actually has two distinct seasons: early spring-June and September-October.

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Warm, wet weather is prime weather for fleas. During late spring and all through summer, most regions experience outbreaks of fleas. However, fleas do not care about the calendar. As long as the area is warm enough (about 60 degrees or warmer) for them to breed, and the adult fleas have a blood meal, they will breed. As long as larvae have sufficient humidity to hatch (50 percent at least), they will hatch.
Because of climate-controlled homes, fleas easily breed inside all yearlong if homeowners don't eliminate fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae.

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flea actual size on a human finger                 flea dirt on a pet

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