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Ah, as the Thanksgiving holiday approachs, we are thankful for the blessings we have.  The day may be spent as a quiet meal within the household or may be the feast of all feasts.  No matter how you spend  the day there are many potential hazards our pets may be exposed to.  I will point out some of the most common hazards that may be forgotten about.

  • Our pets may be a little timid when large groups of people or when people they are not familiar with enter our homes.  You may want to put them in a safe and quieter location in the home.
  • If your dog is an excitable dog, get him out for exercise before your guests arrive.
  • Some pets may bolt out the door if it is left open or people are in and out.  Please be sure to keep the pets safe if this is a possibility and that they have theirs tags on.
  • Keep the cocktails for the humans, not in the pets reach.
  • Our pets may love to beg for table food, however not all our guest are careful about what they may feed our pets.  They may give them turkey bones, may feed too much fatty food, or the pet may get overfed when begging from everyone.
  • tday.jpg
  • There are ingredients that we may use in our stuffing or other portions of the meal that’s toxic to our pets such as sage and other herbs, onions, raisins, and chocolate.
  • stuff.jpg
  • When the cooking is done, making sure that the the roasting bag has been secured in the trash along with the bones of the turkey.  Pets will tear into garbage bags to find the delicious left overs if it is not properly disposed of.
  • To keep the pets busy while guests are in your home, you could offer them a special treat.  You could stuff a kong for them—to make it extra special you may add a little skinless turkey, sweet potato, or carrots.kong.jpg

Dewey is looking for a forever home. She is a 6 year old spayed female Boxer, up to date on vaccines, weighs #54. She is very energetic, needs some training. Her current owners are elderly and unable to continue to care for her. For more information on her call (636)343-8387.





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