Microchipping Pets

The best gift you can give your pet and yourself is a microchip. If the unimaginable happens and your four-footed family member escapes, that microchip may save you and your pet years of heartache. The truth is, when they get lost, they want to come home to you as much as you want them there. Tags get lost and can be removed by unscrupulous people. No one on our team has ever met anyone who regretted this decision. Lost pet recovery is–without fail–easier when they have a registered chip.

Microchipping Your Pet

Haven’t taken this step yet? Don’t wait. Microchipping pets can be the difference between them winding up in a shelter or being returned to you. Call call us today set up an appointment.  

Don’t have time to make a special trip? Consider adding it to one of your routine visits. So microchip your pet at Olde Towne Fenton Vets!